Jonesin' For Taste

Jonesin' For Taste: March 2013

Monday, March 25, 2013

Mr. and Mrs. Felt Potato Head

So my wonderful and dear husband has recently flown cross country with each of our kids while he has been interviewing for a job.  He's done it twice now, once with each child.  He's awesome!  I made sure to send him with enough things to entertain and feed the children over the 8-10 hour travel days he had.  I had found some pattern pieces online but then couldn't find them again when I wanted to make them.  So I spent a ton of time drafting my own to go with the one I had already saved onto my computer.  These pieces fit with the Potato Head template on Oopsey Daisy (such a great site!).  If you are a fan of mysteries then you might recognize one of my creations is very specific.  Poirot's mustache is so distinct in the BBC series that I just had to have it.  I love it!

I cut these out of the felt that you buy by the yard not from the sheets.  The wool by the yard is just a bit thicker and holds up better.  I sewed them together using my sewing machine which made it pretty quick to put together.  There's no velcro on them because felt sticks to felt and it was one less thing to worry about.  Someday I will sew the main potato head piece into a quietbook but that is for another day.

Since making these I've found the links on pinterest to the other felt potato heads I had seen.  You can find all the links here:

Here in the waiting place

Jocelyn and Jason

Oopsey Daisy

And here's my pattern piece.  Just right click on the picture and save as image.  You should be able to print it off from there.  This pattern is provided for personal use only.

Happy crafting!


Monday, March 11, 2013

Lucky Door Hanger

My little family will be moving this summer and so I've started packing up some stuff.  My craft room was is bursting at the seams full of stuff craft supplies.  I packed up some of it so that I could make room for my sister in law to come visit.  Anyways, I found some old glass beads from the dollar store that I had used once upon a time to decorate something or other.  I saw them and envisioned them as a fun shamrock.  I wanted to pay homage to the colors of the Irish flag and add a little more color than just green.  So I used orange for the letters to add a bit of dimension.

I used some e-6000 glue to stick the glass beads to the painted board which was leftover from a different project.  I used my Cricut to cut out the word "Lucky" out of cardstock and modpodged the letters on.  I would have used vinyl but didn't have any the right color.  The wire is also leftover from another project.  I bought it at Lowe's I think.  It didn't take very long to put together especially because the board was already painted.


Board, painted white (not pictured)
21 Green glass beads
e-6000 glue
Orange card stock or vinyl
Modpodge (only if using cardstock)
Foam brush (only if using cardstock)

Drill holes at the top of you board.  Arrange the beads how you want them to be on the board.  Carefully pick them up and add a little glue and place them back down.  Modpodge the word "lucky" down.  Add your wire hanger and allow the glue to dry.  There you go and your done.

Hang it up!  

Erin go bragh!