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Jonesin' For Taste: March 2012

Monday, March 12, 2012

Still cooking

Despite my non-existence in the blogging world I am still alive and cooking. As you can imagine between a new baby and the holidays blogging has fallen to the bottom of my list of to-dos. Not that I don't think about blogging about the food we are eating but actually having the time to do it has been a bit harder.

So what have I been cooking?

Thanks to Pinterest I've been cooking up all sorts of new recipes. Most have been big hits, while a few have totally fallen flat. Don't you hate that. My friend and I were just talking about a recipe we had both pinned that looked absolutely delicious. She made it one night and although it was okay it wasn't great. She was so bummed! And I was bummed for her. So I decided to create 2 boards one of recipes I need to try and one of recipes that I've tried and we love. Here are a few of my favorites.

Flan (picture credit to The Pioneer Woman)

Tasty Kitchen Blog Easy and Fast Greek Gyros
Quick and Easy Gyros (picture credit to Natalie from Tasty Kitchen Blog) using homemade whole wheat pita bread 

Brown sugar and balsamic glazed pork loin (picture credit to C+C Marriage Factory)

And for my little sister's birthday while I was visiting home in January

ice cream cone
Cold Stone copy cat cake batter ice cream (say that really fast a few times, sheesh) (picture credit to CopyKat Recipes)

And about a dozen more.  Follow me on Pinterest to see what else I've been making and see if you can find something to try yourself.

Happy eatings!

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